Google Play Store v7.7.17.O-all [0] [PR] APK Free Download (Latest) for Android

Google Play
Store is previously known as an android market, is the official app store to
serve the android and tablet users. Google Play Store is official digital
distribution media developed by the Google to install and browse apps, music,
books, and games. Apps available on Google Play Store are mostly free of cost;
they can be downloading directly through Play Store in Android devices. This is
the only way by using this medium user can download and install application
without changing any setting to third party installation. It is very useful for
your android mobile phone security because it scans all the apps that you are
going to install in your android mobile phone. But, you have to take an extra
eye to the official brand of any application you want to install. For example,
if you want to download Facebook APK in your android mobile phone after
browsing in Google Play Store have a look on the brand, if this is Facebook
than you should download that application. Because some hackers developed a
dummy application that looks like official application but that is the way to
hack and reach your android mobile phone security.
If you are
using android phone very first time in your life, than this article will be
very helpful for you. We will tell you step by step how to download and install
any application using Google Play Store Android app.

How to
Download and Install Application Using Google Play Store:

If you
already know the name of application you are going to download that will be
easier for you. If you do not know the name of any specific application than
you have to browse through application categories.
  1. First of all
    you have to tap on Google Play Store that is already installed in your android
    mobile phone, pre-installed.
  2. There will
    be white search bar, enter the name of application you want to download.
  3. Tap the
    search icon on the right side of search bar.
  4. There will
    be application you want to download and tap on download on the right side of
    the application
  5. After
    downloading the application, application itself will start installing you just
    tap next.

not being installs using Google Play Store:

If you click
the tap download and application is not downloading than read the pop up
message, if there is message of insufficient memory than uninstall the extra
application you installed and download again.

How to
Browse Google Play Store APK:

If you do not know the specific name of the
application to download than you can browse through top chart in different
  1. Tap the Play
    Store home screen.
  2. Tap the
    application and games, you are on the side of applications and games.
  3. There
    will be a top chart on left most side of the screen, tap on the top chart…!
You are
ready to browse top new chart of application, swipe up and down from top paid
to top free.

How to
Download Free Application on Google Play Store APK:

There are
two main categories in Google play store for android users, free application
and paid application. When you tap download in Google Play Store application
will start itself to download. The time of download and installation depends
upon your android mobile phone. If you are using an older version of android it
will take some extra time. Tap installation and give the permission to that
application to be install in your mobile by tapping agree the terms and
The paid
application is a bit different to download as compare to free application. In
paid application you have to pay the developer the mentioned price by clicking
the payment method in any method you can pay.
Now you can download
the latest version of Google Play Store app APK file from our site without
waiting more by clicking on download link below.


File Name:
Google Play Store
Size: 18.0 MB
Version: v7.7.17.O-all [0] [PR] 153033368 [UPDATED]
by: Google, Inc
System: Android 4.0 to up
Price: free


Google Play
Store v7.7.17.O-all [0] [PR] >> Download (18.0 MB)