Yellow Battery Saver v1.2.39.0509 APK Free Download (Latest) for Android

According to
Microsoft, next generation is all about android phones and tablets devices.
Everyone in this global village is using an android phone,
usage of laptops and computers are gradually decreasing. But, the solution to
one thing while using android is yet not been found,” Battery” every
android user use to find this problem. Today, we are sharing you an interesting
application. That will surely increase your android battery life about 50%.
Yellow Battery is the latest application designed by world’s top developers.
This is not like that Yellow Battery Saver is an emergency charger or some tool that
will change your battery to meet your requirement. Yellow Battery will give you
an accurate estimation of how you can use your phone (calling on the phone,
watching some videos, using Wi-Fi or other function). This application will
smartly manage your phone status with an application that is running down on
your android device. The best part which I liked personally the most is
“Mode switch”. The function of Mode switch is you can set the time
when Wi-Fi will be turned on and when it will be turned off. That is surely a
waste of battery. These are some more interesting features that are built by
world’s best android developers.
1. One taps
Battery monitors and analyze the battery usage of your android phone, will give
you a warning whenever battery will go down. Just tap on the switch and all
high power consumption’s functions in the android phone will be turned off. This
will boost battery long enough to save your device being shut down.
2. Save Mode
Save mode is
the function you have to manage once and after that, it will work according to
your routine. For example, you sleep at a set time, so, after sleeping this
save mode will turn off the main function like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, screen and
etc. So, no more extra power will be consumed for the unnecessary task. This is
not like permanent and you cannot do it whenever you needed any function out of
the set-time. It can be locked and unlocked manually.
3. Comprehensive Analysis
It will give
you the detailed report of battery consumption of each and every application or
function in your device. You will be able to turn on and turn off the specific
application according to your use. When you will play some video it will give
you the option either you should play this video or not save your battery.
application does not have any negative aspect. One has to use this application
to manage its android phone power. So, if you want to download Yellow Battery
app APK file, download this from our website. We have given the link below to
this post. If you got any query regarding this application. Feel free to
comment below in comment area section.

File Details:

File Name: Yellow Battery-Battery Saver
Size: 4.7 MB
Version: v1.2.39.0509 [UPDATED]
Developed by: Yellow Apps Team
Require System: Android 4.1+
Cost: free

Download Links:

Yellow Battery-Battery Saver v1.2.39.0509 >> Download (4.7 MB)



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